Heroes of Newerth Beta Key Registration in Facebook

I already posted this in fallen paladin but I feel that people should see this especially people who don’t have Facebook accounts yet but wants to play Heroes of Newerth. Just a bit of FYI, S2 games is using Facebook to promote Heroes of Newerth. I think it’s a nice choice since Facebook is the number one Social Networking site at the moment. They also have a twitter account that tweets about the latest news on Hon.Ā  I will add those links in this blog soon.

Anyway, here’s the update in Heroes of Newerth Facebook.

24 hours of open beta registration coming this week. We will update all our fans with the special URL to get into the HoN beta. Keep your eyes peeled and you can be part of the HoN craze soon enough! šŸ™‚


~ by Antonio Liwanag on December 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “Heroes of Newerth Beta Key Registration in Facebook”

  1. when in this week??

  2. damndamndamn… im on vacation right now and account registration for HoN in this geographic region is currently turned off OMG NO!

  3. when is the next open registration??

  4. hi can u give me a beta key now ni my email..

  5. hey guys and girls
    if any one has a beta key i would love to just have one
    because all my mates are playing it so plz send it to


  6. sorry adresmuts@gmail.com

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