Heroes of Newerth 1.63 changes [leaked]

I can’t wait to play HoN!!! Here’s a leak of the latest version.


– Added stairs (this is a work in progress, so you are going to see the early version)
– Added ingame loading tips (more to come soon!)
– Added a delay between hero voice responses for move, attack and select sounds. (default 3 seconds)
– Volume tweaks on a lot of heroes and abilities
– Endless sound tweaks to heroes and impacts
– New music track
– A ton of art polish on all of the heroes (Predator Model, Corrupted Disciple Texture, etc)
– Fixed Ranged Super Creep health
– Added a lot (like 12) new LODs for lower end systems
– /gameinfo now returns “Other Options: None” if there are none, previously it just showed “Other Options:”
– Changed the creep gold for supercreeps to 1/2 the gold of normal creeps
– Added a team message when a walking or flying courier is purchased by a team member
– Added a team message indicating when a team member buys back
– Added a new customized Legion/Hellbourne message and alert ping indicating when a melee/ranged barracks is destroyed
– Added a fence to stop ancient creep pulling on the Hellbourne side
– Player disconnects and player timeouts are differentiated
– Tweaked Purge Creep AI so it doesn’t purge creeps anymore, just heroes that are close to it
– Puzzlebox Melee will now return the proper damage on death (200,400,600 True damage)
– Deadwood’s log is now consumed when the throw is blocked by Nullstone
– Fixed Pebbles stun to be 2 seconds instead of 1.75
– Warbeast’s Wolves and Tempest’s Elementals are now Summoned units and will be hurt by Purge effects
– Puzzlebox minions are now tagged as Summoned units
– Arachna’s Spider will no longer spawn if she dies while it is in midair
– Fixed Demented Shaman’s Storm Cloud to properly hilight just heroes in the targetting circle
– Kraken no longer runs in place after charging (but he did look hilarious)
– Fixed Rampage’s order queue being cleared by a Horned Strike
– Added a proper name to the Haste Aura for Puzzlebox Ranged Minion
– Fixed the tooltip for locking someone because it said “star” instead of “icon”
– Fixed the hilarious tooltip bug on Hellbringer (Unholy Shackles was named Unholy Sfles. Lol.)
– Fixed Scout toggling off the ability giving charges to mana battery
– Fixed a typo in Witch Slayer’s story
– Fixed a mana potion typo. No, not the energy drink.
– Fixed Tablet of Command from leaving behind an invisible gadget that can block creep spawns
– Fixed an issue with the Health/Manabar tooltip in the options window
– Fixed a typo with Plague Rider’s tooltip for Extinguish
– Fixed Demented Shaman’s Storm Cloud to properly gain a radius increase with staff of the master
– Fixed Corrupted Disciple’s Electric Tide from not doing damage on the return if killed while it is active
– Fixed Forsaken Archer’s Split Fire so it reduces damage correctly
– Engineer’s Shield will now properly dispell buffs when someone leaves the area
– Added occlude to the following. This stops the effects from playing in fog:
* Andromeda Void Rip
* Behemoth Heavyweight and Enrage
* Chronos Time Leap
* Deadwood Rotten Grasp and Tree Throw
* Defiler Silence
* Demented Shaman Storm Cloud
* Devourer Hook
* Forsaken Archer Volley
* Glacius Tundra Blase and Downpour
* Hellbringer Summon Malphas
* Magmus Lava Surge and Volcanic Touch and Eruption
* Nymphora Pod
* Pestilence Impale
* Plague Rider Plague Carrier
* Torturer Chain Reaction
* Valkyrie Leap
* Vindicator Sage’s Lore
* Voodoo’s Cursed Ground
* War Beast Metamorphisis
* Portal Key
* Kongor death effect

– Some enhancements and tweaks to the low end renderer
– Added a new game option to the interface panel that allows players to toggle displaying timestamps in game chat
– When in the game lobby or hero select screens, pressing shift while entering chat now updates the chat type button to display the opposite chat mode the message will be sent to.
– Added a “No Leavers” icon to the game lobby to indicate if a game is “No Leavers” or not
* Updated /gameinfo to show this information as well.
– Fixed an issue where players were shown a “unable to join due to leave % being too high” and unable to reconnect to games they were previously disconnected from.
– /dnd now blocks incoming messages sent from buddies using the “/buddy message” command.
– /afk and /dnd status is now automatically removed and set to /available when sending a /whisper.
– When switching between /afk and /dnd as long as a message is specified it will now switch or update your status accordingly, instead of removing your status and toggling to /available.
– /roll # now defaults to a roll between 1 and #
– Fixed a bug where the percentage of leaves in the game lobby didn’t match the percentage of leaves in the view stats interface.
– Fixed a crash caused by using the /matchup (/ma) command when in the hero select screen. /matchup is now only available for use during pre-match, active and end game phases.
– Added a /ping command players can use in game to show their current ping.
– Added a “Disconnect” button to the loading screen for cases when a player wishes to exit out before they have finished loading.
– Added a new CMD LocalChat that can be used to display chat messages in game (on the local client only).
* This will be useful for mods that print out information to the screen without having to going through an interface and for those that don’t want to send information to the screen with TeamChat or AllChat (rune spawn or player spawn reminders to name a few).

Spectator fixes:
– creep kill popup
– fixes for popup message and pings
– fix typo in spectator interface
– fix channel and mana upkeep on info selection tooltips
– camera centering and locking for spectators works using both info and control binds (C and V)
– tab cycles heroes in spectator mode
– fix double and triple ability buttons on the spectator interface

– Removed Christmas effects (Except the lights on the Legion tree. Because some people keep those up for a while. You know people like that I’m sure…)


– Aurora debuff duration increased from 15 to 20s

– Spine Burst debuff increased from 10s to 13s
– Armordillo’s Spine Burst damage point reduced from 250 to 200

– Added mushroom cloud explosion for when a 4x multicast goes off
– +2 Base Intelligence
– +0.2 Intelligence Gain

Corrupted Disciple
– Base strength lowered from 21 to 19
– Movespeed lowered by 5
– Corrupted Conduit now grants vision around the target (800 AOE) as long as they stay in range/is draining damage

– Armor reduction from 2,3,4,5 to 1,2,3,4 when in Rotten Grasp
– Very short cast time on Rotten Grasp so an animation plays
– Willowmaker can no longer target the ground

– Fixed bug allowing players to control the spirits of Unholy Expulsion

– Hook range is now the same across all levels (1100)
– Hook now returns to the devourer if he moves (Think Maliken’s Sword)

Forsaken Archer
– Base Agility lowered by 1
– Attack projectile speed slowed down from 1200 to 1050
– DoT from Skeletons lowered to 4/8/12/16
– Piercing Arrows has the damage it does reduced based on the targets it hits. 10% per target in the line

– Ice Imprisonment can now be cast on allies, immobilizing them but reducing all damage they take by 20,40,60,80% for the duration.

– Galvanize cast time removed

– 10,20,30,40% on the health from Life Void
– Boil now ‘chains’ to 1,2,3,4 nearby targets (so 2,3,4,5 total hit by it) and applies the boil to all of them instantly. Numbers stay the same.

– Adds the cast time back on Sol’s Blessing (.5 seconds)

– Decapitate cast point lowered from 330 to 300

– Stalk cooldown +1s at all levels

– Flash cooldown now at 12/10/8/6 (+1 second at levels 2,3,4)

Moon Queen
– +2 Base Strength
– +0.2 Strength Gain

Night Hound
– When in his own Smoke Bomb, the Night Hound is ignored by creeps and towers
– Night Hound cannot attack towers while in his own Smoke Bomb

– Fixed her correctly having effects bones (oops…)
– Increased base strength by 2
– Base damage changed from 38-49 to 45-52
– Cast range of Pod increased to 750
– Nymphora’s Zeal now returns to her as she runs (Think Maliken’s Sword)
– She gains charges for attackspeed/movespeed as Nymphora’s Zeal hits enemies, not on it’s death
– Grace of the Nymph now restores the mana over 4 seconds instead of instantly. Mana return dispels on damage.

– .1 cast time added to cannonball (.3 total). Flight time reduced to compensate.

– Fixed a bug that was causing him to kill people while under the effects of Puppet Show

– Whiplash damage increase lowered to 5/10/15/20%

– Stampede cooldown to 25s (from 40s)
– Favor of Sol cooldown to 60s (from 75s)

Sand Wraith
– Dissipate damage changed to Magic damage (from True)

– Attack Range increased by 50
– Anyone under the effects of the Toxicity have health regen disabled (40,60,80,100% health regen reduction)
* Runes of the Blight changed to “healing” so that the Toxicity does not disable them
– Poison Spray increased cast and effect range by 200, radius stays the same
– Toxin Wards can now be laid in a ‘burst’ style with a long cooldown. (Think Panda’s Flurry but with laying 3 wards in a short time)
– Wards now have collision and slow poison (10%) again
– Poison Burst is now un-removable

– Soul Burst debuff increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds

– Reduced Blade Frenzy cooldown from 30 to 30/28/26/24
– Swiftblade is no longer disarmed while spinning at level 4 of Blade Frenzy
* This includes attacking anything like heroes and units while spinning
– Blade Frenzy now dispels all debuffs on start

– Attack animation impact point from 633 to 500

– Movement speed increased by 5
– Agonizing Bonds now pulls anyone hit by the chains towards the target of the chains, even while the target moves

– +1 base armor

Wretched Hag
– Sonar Scream now hits invisible units and units in the fog


Barbed Armor
– Cooldown increased to 20 seconds (from 15)
– Damage returned lowered to 80% (from 100%)

Courier (Flying)
– Bounty increased to 300

– Rebalanced and takes the +10 agi item and the +6 str item
* 15 agi
* 6 strength
* 10% ms
* 15 as
* 950 recipe
* 2400 total

– Stats rebalance
* 21 str
* 21 agi
* 10 damage
* 14% ms
* 25 AS
* Slow changed to 15%, down from 20% (slow now lasts 2.5 seconds, down from 3)

– Same components but 200 recipe cost, 5900 total
– The slow lasts 3 seconds and is applied on both single target spellcast and attack

Harkons Blade
– Manacost per attack reduced to 50 from 100
– Recipe cost lowered from 725 to 500

Helm of the Black Legion
– Block value when on a ranged hero reduced to 20
* Brings this item in line with the other two deflection items

– Rebalance and takes the +10 str item and +6 agi item
* 15 str
* 6 agi
* 10 damage
* frost (15%, 1.5 second duration)
* 950 recipe
* 2400 total

Geometers Bane
– Loses 5 int
– Recipe cost lowered by 200

Mana Battery
– Health returned per charge lowered to 12, from 15. Mana returned stays the same

Ghost Marchers
– Casting a spell or using an item no longer dispels the Phased effect
– Phased buff improved to 12% (from 10%)

Power Supply
– Recipe cost increased by 100

– Recipe cost increased by 100

Restoration stone
– Now refreshes all items except other Restoration Stones and Shrunked Head

At least now Defiler’s spirits of Unholy Expulsion cannot be controlled. This bug is so imba. You can instantly kill a hero without getting noticed..lol


~ by Antonio Liwanag on January 8, 2010.

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