Who says Loda isn’t playing Heroes of Newerth?

I’ve been hearing some rumours last year that Loda is against Heroes of Newerth. And I was saying something like, “HoN is

loda from sk gaming

pretty much like DotA so I can’t see any reason why he wouldn’t play the game.”

Now, I just confirmed that it was just a rumour. Loda is playing HoN. And!! It looks like we’ll be seeing more from Loda this year as he formed a new team – Team Smackdown. Team Smackdown will firstly attend LANs in Europe before joining International tourneys. The first event they are preparing for is the Multiplay iSeries 39 in April, with £1,000 at stack (£2,500 for 48 teams & £5,000 if 96 teams sign up).

Here’s the Team Smackdown Lineup:
United States Josh “Blastbark” Lee
Sweden Jonathon “Loda” Berg
Sweden Marc “Polisen” Törngren
Sweden Niclas “Niqua” Westergård
Sweden Konrad “kottfaerzoes” Jonasson
Sweden Martin “Mantisc” Holmqvist (Backup)

My thoughts:

Lots of DotA players are playing HoN now so we’ll be expecting more development from S2 games. The game is fun but there are still lots of bugs to fix and imbalanced lineups since there are a few heroes to choose from. I guess this is a big leap since one reputable DotA player would be a great beta tester.

Anyway enough of my thoughts, if you guys want to read more about this story, you can check out button bashers and gosu gamers.

[pic courtesy of fragster.de]


~ by Antonio Liwanag on January 12, 2010.

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