Killing Rank in Heroes of Newerth | Claim it! you’re the Champion of Newerth!

This is just basically a conversion of the killing ranks from dota to Heroes of Newerth. (Just a bit of FYI ^_^)

DotA > HoN

First Blood > Bloodlust
Killing Spree > Serial Killer
Dominating > Ultimate Warrior
Mega Kill > Legendary
Unstoppable > Onslaught
Wicked Sick > Savage Sick
Monster Kill > Dominating
Godlike > Champion of Newerth
Beyond Godlike > Bloodbath

If you killed more than 1 hero within a short period of time.
Double Kill – Double Kill
Hatrick – Triple Kill
Quadkill – Another ‘Triple Kill’

In HoN, if all of the heroes of Legion/Hellbourne died then it’s called a ‘Genocide’

If someone disconnects, you may hear ‘Rage Quit’


~ by Antonio Liwanag on March 26, 2010.

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