Heroes of Newerth Hero Guide: Puppet Master

puppet master heroes of newerth

Although all the daemons of the Hellbourne ranks are terrifying, few deserve to be called "creepy." Yet that is the best word for the Puppet Master, whose smirks and gibbers and cackles of glee bespeak not just the specter of death, but something worse. His puppets are offenses to life -- either false things imbued with stolen life, or living things twisted to his will.

I’m not giving a big background on this hero as I’m assuming you’re an experienced player when you’re reading this. HoN garena has been operational for more than a year now I guess.  You don’t need to watch puppet shows in the Philippines to understand the basics. But anyway, this hero is a squishy early game and lacks survivability. My brother and I had a lot of discussions about the best items etc.

I’ve found a nice hero guide about Puppet master. It has all the basics. But I want to add a few stuff.


Some of my thoughts:

Shrunken head is ideal for clashes. A must item for me.

If your team is owning early, you can buy midas if you can get it in less than 19 minutes.  It’s a good investment and it give you attack speed. Not bad at all right? :p

Assassins Shroud is for a pub games. It allows you to farm but it’s rarely used in competitive plays.

If you are rich, try getting Frostwolf skull. You lack damage but you are kinda fat and really irritating because of your slow. You can try adding a damage item like Charged hammer. This will allow you to hit faster as well.

Life steal is kinda ok for survivability.

Hex is needed depending on the situation. Well, it’s always good to have extra disables 🙂

Some opts for mask of madness. This is ok in one-on-one situations.

Harkon is the best damage item for this guy.

Anyway, I hope you’ve learned something. Don’t forget to watch competitive replays to enhance your skills.  ENJOY!


~ by Antonio Liwanag on March 30, 2011.

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