Heroes of Newerth Patch 0.3.0 Notes – new sleek interface!

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Wow! it’s finally here! Thanks to  [S2]Idejder for the patch notes. He put a lot of effort in putting all of these together so yeah![especially those helpful tutorials] Thanks!

There are lots of changes and enhancements here. The new interface is more sleek and looks better than the old one.  We’ve waited long for this but it’s really worth the wait. Most of the HoN fans were asking me about the patch notes and I’m lucky to find it and share it to everyone.

Here it is!

Version 0.3.0
– New Front End Interface

– Solo Automatic Matchmaking
* With one button you can enter the queue for as many different regions as you want and play with random other people automatically. This does not use PSR, it uses SMR (Solo Matchmaking Rating) and everyone starts at 1500. Mode is Banning Pick.
* Players tagged as “leavers” can not join Matchmaking
* Players who leave a game before it starts (during the ‘loading’ phase of a game) will automatically be replaced by someone else.
* If you leave a Matchmaking game at the hero selection screen, you will get a leave

– Tutorial
* New ingame interactive Tutorial to help new players learn the basics of the game before diving in. Even experienced players might learn something!

– New Player Stats screen
* Including your most played heroes!

– Hero Compendium
* See detailed stats and recommended items about every hero

– Ingame Ladder page
* Search and filter the ladder to compare yourself to those at the top. Any number of options can be turned on and filtered!

– New Game Lobby

– New Hero Picking screen
* Now with 12 more slots for new heroes! How did we do that?!?

– You can now swap the placement of the minimap from the bottom left to bottom right hand corner
– Leaver threshold lowered to 5%
– Fix for StatusStealth
* This fixed an issue that was causing Witch Slayer and Pollywog Priest’s crowd control abilities to dispel all states off the target
– Updated br stringtables, thanks to Trilles
– Recommended Items Updated
– Item cursor now changes to a targeting cursor when hovering over an allied unit
– Stacked items (runes of blight, mana potions, health potions) will now sell for their full total value within 15 seconds of purchasing them. (e.g. if you buy two health potions for 200g then sell them within 15sec, you will now correctly gain 200g)
– Logger’s Hatchet can now be sold within 15 seconds of buying it (but not if you used it)
– Added “Host:” and “Version:” to the /gameinfo and /gi commands in game, also added the server version for display in the game lobby screen
– Fixed when heroes were ‘running in place’ after using a Homecoming Stone
– Added messages to the game lobby for the following actions:
1) When the host assigns someone as the new host
2) When the host assigns someone as a spectator
3) When the host assigns someone as a referee
4) When the host locks or unlocks a slot
– Removed ‘remove hero’ button in practice mode for now
– Tweaked the position of ancients

– Invisible Mode added
– Fixed a bug in the game setup interface where referee count was incorrectly being set to the count of spectators chosen
– Fixed a bug in the game lobby where the current player count exceeded the max player count in games with spectators(2) and referees(1). e.g. “Players: 13/10”. Now shows the correct max player count to match the main lobby game browser numbers. e.g. “Players: 13/13”
– Added flood protection to the chat server to protect against invite to clan spam and create clan attempts
– Fixed an issue causing the change password functionality in game to not work correctly.
– Fixed an issue on the chat server where in certain cases players were not properly being promoted/demoted
– Optimized client code so game server refreshes should no longer hang the client or user interface.
– Chat channels can now be saved via the interface and will be automatically joined when logging in.
– Added new “Ping” filter next to the “Full Games” checkbox. It filters the results on the client so only pings less the chosen number populate the game list
– Added a new filter option to the server browser “Game Mode:” section called “Advanced”. It allows players to filter multiple game modes (ie. SD, BD, BP) all at once locally in the client. Upon selecting ‘Advanced’ a small panel pops up and the player can choose the game modes they want to see in the game list just by selecting the appropriate checkbox then clicking OK
– Default SFX volume down to 0.6 from 0.7
– Fixed an issue with the chat server where if a user sent a message using /b or /m and someone on one of those lists was in /dnd mode, it wouldn’t send the message to all the people on the list.
– Overhauled how adding buddies/friends works. You now must request friendship before someone is actually added as your friend.
* You can request friends when offline and they will get the notifications upon logging in, and approve at their convenience
* We might have to wipe current friends lists at some point in the future for this to work correctly.

– Added new search support for filtering games by name:
* Added feature to allow players to type in multiple search phrases. By typing a search phrase and adding a ?|? the client will distinguish one phrase from another. The browser will then search the available games and show any games showing any one of the phrases separated by a “|”.
* Added feature to allow players to exclude certain games based on the search phrase. By typing in a “-” at the beginning of the search phrase the client will automatically filter any games with “Phrase” to not show up. Note that exclusion of search terms takes precedence over inclusion. (Excluding a term, and then trying to include the same term will cause it not to appear, ie ?noobs|-noobs?)
* The “|” and “-” can be escaped with a “\” should the player want to search on a game with the pipe or hyphen in it.
* All searches are color and case insensitive, and the order that the search phrases are entered have no effect on how they will display. So “1500|-no ab” is the same as “-no ab|1500”.

Some examples:
*Search Phrase: “1550|1600|1650|-no ab|-noobs” – This searches on any game with “1550”, “1600”, and “1650” in the name, and if it has the words “no ab” or “noobs” in it it will not display.
*Search Phrase: “-no ab|1500|1550|-countryname|ab” – This searches on any game with “1500”, “1550” and “ab” in the name, and if it has the words “no ab” or “countryname” in it it will not display.
*Search Phrase: “1500|\-SDEM|pipe\|test” – This searches on any game with “1500”, “-sdem” and “pipe|test” in the name.

– If you attack him from outside of his lair you will have 100% miss now
– After leaving his lair, 1.5 seconds later he retreats to go back in and is invuln on the run back
– Is now 40% angrier

Ice Ogre
– Cooldown of the frost shield increased by 4 seconds (to 5s)


Barrier Idol
– Fixed a bug that caused it to absorb huge damage when damage taken was all at once
Elder Parasite
– Incoming damage multiplier reduced to 20%, from 30%
Harkon’s Blade
– Increases manacost per attack to 75 from 50
– Recipe cost reduced to 825 from 1325
– Mana regen increased to 200% from 150%
– Now grants +10 damage
Runes of the Blight
– Heal over time is no longer dispellable
Wards of Sight
– Now have a 50 gold bounty when killed


The following auras can now be toggled between all units and heroes only:
– Andromeda’s Dimensional Link
– Arachna’s Precision
– Moon Queen’s Lunar Glow

– Fixed Flame Consumption to go off anytime he is below 400 health and takes non-fatal damage
– Fixed Flame Consumption to properly dispel himself when it automatically goes off
– Fixed Sear so it continues to apply the slow and the buff while his ultimate is active

– Rescaled ult range to 750/975/1200 from 600/900/1200

– Added cast effect for throwing snot
* This is a visual effects change
– Charges gained from Restless are not longer capped at 4

– “Voice”

– Lowered base armor by 1
– Base Damage lowered to 54-60 from 58-64
– Flaming Hammer’s projectile speed lowered to 800 from 1100
– Flaming Hammer’s negative magic armor starts at -1/-2/-3/-4 for the first 1 second, then reduces to 0 over its duration.
– Base Manacost of Flaming Hammer increased to 95/110/125/140 from 95/105/115/125

Blood Hunter
– Blood Sense now reveals stealth targets

– Manacost on Time Leap increased to 135 from 120
– Time Leap damage lowered by 25 at all levels
– Curse of Ages now steals 1/1/2/3 agility per charge, decreased from 1/2/3/4
– Curse of Ages now stuns the target after 5 attacks, increased from 4
– Targets stunned by Curse of Ages will now properly play their attack animation when the stun wears off
– Stun from Curse of Ages now scales as a .25,.5,.75,1 second stun from 1 second at all levels
– Chronofield won’t freeze invulnerable targets anymore (Such as Swiftblade ulting or Defiler’s ult)
– Chronofield now freezes everyone by default, with Staff of the Master lets allies move at -80% speed in the field

Corrupted Disciple
– Top end base damage lowered by 5

Dark Lady
– Turn rate increased to 900 from 360
– Dark Blades don’t interrupt movement, cast time removed

– Proper announcement at hero selection
– Rebalanced:
– Base strength lowered to 23 (from 25)
– Strength Gain lowered to 2.7 from 3.0
– Agility Gain increased to 2.0 from 1.6
– Base Armor increased to 2.24 from 1.24
– Slow from throwing the log increased to 75% max from 60% max
– Oakbolt’s slow now lasts for 1.5/2/2.5/3 seconds, from 3 seconds at all levels.
– Projectile speed when throwing a log increased to 1200 from 1000
– Willowmaker
* Cooldown rescaled to 85,75,65
* Cast point lowered to 500ms from 750ms
* Damage rescaled to 350, 650, 950 from 400,600,800
* Debuff is now a constant 20% strength reduction at all levels from 20,30,40%
* No longer splashes the debuff in a cone, only the single target
* Stun duration increased to 1.5s from 1s

Demented Shaman
– Base Intelligence lowered to 24 from 27
– Strength Gain lowered to 1.8 from 1.9
– Intelligence Gain lowered to 3.0 from 3.4
– Damage rescaled to 44-56 from 41-59
– The snare from Entangle will now give assists

– No longer gains strength from illusions
– Touch radius of Hook changed from 60 to 75 and will consistently hit targets with a 75 radius regardless of what angle it is being thrown

– Damage of Clensing Shock against summoned units increased to 600,800,1000 from 600 at all levels

– Voice
– Fixed a Turret bug that a bullet from the Turret doing 200+ damage
– Fixed a bug causing the splash damage when a siege unit debuffed by Tinker to not deal AOE damage
– Energy Field will only not purge a target if they are under the effects of Shrunken Head
* This means the shield will purge off Jeraziah’s Charm, for example.

Forsaken Archer
– Voice
– Skeletons now display a timer on the third ability indicating the time remaining for the next skeleton to expire (Thanks to Tisser)

– Base Agility increased to 17 from 16
– Damage rescaled to 43-51 from 38-44
– Base Armor increased to 1.44 from 1.24

– Summon Malphas now has new ground effects
– Negative Magic Armor is now -3,-4,-5,-6 from -2.7,-5.1,-6.9,-8.3

– Fixed tooltips (a few errors)
– Range of Inner Light increased to 500 from 400

Keeper of the Forest
– Eyes are now stealthed and become revealed when a hero comes into the 450 reveal range (from 300)
* This stops couriers from killing eyes unless a hero is nearby to spot them
– Root can now be seen even when he is invisible
– Root now hits units in fog

– Base Int increased to 17 from 14
– Terrify removed
– Terrifying Charge Added
* The Legionnaire charges very quickly at a target foe and swings wide with his mighty axe upon reaching them, dealing damage and Terrifying those unfortunate enough to be standing there. Terrified enemies attack very quickly, but do less damage per attack.
* 1000 Range, 40/50/60/70 Manacost, 30s Cooldown
* Charges at max movespeed towards the target. Being stunned, losing sight of the target, or issuing another command will cancel the charge early. Upon reaching the target, forces an attack that deals 150/200/250/300% of your base damage and applies Terrify for 4/5/6/7 seconds to all enemies in a 110 degree 240 distance cone.
* If the target gets more then 2000 units away (Such as from using teleport) the charge will cancel
* Terrify debuff: -50% Attack Damage, +50% Attack Speed

– Snare debuff stuff removed from Stalk
– Manacost of Berserk changed to 50,80,110 from 100,150,205

– Model cleaned up
– Voice
– Stats tweaks:
* Base Strength increased to 24 from 22
* Strength gain increased to 2.6 from 2.4
* Agility gain lowered to 2.0 from 2.4
* Base Intelligence lowered to 17 from 18
– Speed of Sword Throw projectile increased to 850 from 700
– Radius of Sword Throw lowered to 200 from 225
– Manacost on Sword of the Damned’s heal mode removed
– Self hurt from Sword of the Damned’s flame mode changed to 6,9,12,15 from 5,10,15,20
– Range while under the effects of Possession reduced to 550 from 600

Night Hound
– Base movement speed increased to 305 from 300
– Smoke Bomb cast range increased to 425 from 350
– Smoke Bomb cast point reduced to 200 from 400
– Pounce cooldown rescaled to 20,15,10,5 from 30,20,10,5

– Fixed targeting circle radius
– Base Agility lowered to 18 from 22
– Base Armor lowered to 2.00 from 2.08
– Stun from Nymphora’s Zeal is now 1200 range at all ranks (from bad)
* Charges Nymphora gains rescaled slightly so the bonuses are zero at level 1 and the same at level 4

– New effects for first ability
– Command now allows Ophelia to control 1/2/2/3 creeps at once, from 1/2/3/3
– Level 4 of Command no longer grants Magic armor to Ophelia’s creeps

– New death

– Anyone within 175 units of Pharaoh will be gauranteed to be caught inside of his mummy wall on use

Plague Rider
– Agility Gain lowered to 1.8 from 2.0
– Damage rescaled to 42-51 from 37-56

Pollywog Priest
– Remodeled and effects redone
– Range increased to 550 from 500
– Base Armor increased from 1.14 to 1.30
– Number of targets hit by Electric Jolt is no longer capped
– Cooldown of Voodoo Wards is now 110/95/80 from 110 at all levels

– “Voice”

– Puppeteer’s Hold duration lowered by .5 seconds at all levels

– Fixed Fervor doing 1 DPS too much to buildings
– Fervor set not to propagate to illusions

– Wards bounty to 10-15 from 3-9

Soul Reaper
– Base Agility increased to 16 from 15

– Dread can no longer be toggled. This fixes the keybinding issues.

– Voice
– Manacost of Succubus’ Hold is now 150/250/350 from 200/300/400

– Cast times of all abilities lowered to 300ms from 400ms
– Damage from Chain Lightning is now instant on the first target
– AOE of Lightning Rod increased to 1000 from 800

– Increase turn speed to 900 (from 360)
– After hitting a target with Javelin of Light, an 800 area around the target will continue to be revealed for 3.34 seconds
– Reworked collision on the Javelin of Light. It now has a radius of 80 (reduced from 110) and will consistently hit targets with an 80 radius regardless of what angle it is being thrown
* Previously, it was using a rectangle 110 units wide to calculate collision, so when thrown on an angle it would often hit targets greater than 110 units away
– Javelin of Light is no longer “Physical”
* This means it will hit someone who has void talisman active
– Javelin of Light plays a popup indicating the length of the stun
– Removed cast noise on casting Javelin of Light
– Removed glow from Javelin of Light

– Base Armor increased from 1.30 to 1.50
– Damage rescaled to 45-55 from 39-61

Voodoo Jester
– Base Agility increased to 14 from 13
– Base Intelligence increased to 22 from 19
– Intelligence Gain increased to 3.0 from 2.9
– Initial projectile speed of Acid Cocktail increased to 750 from 650
– Cast time on Cursed Ground reduced to 0.35 seconds (from 0.5)

– Manacost of Battle Cry reduced to 15,10,5,0 from 15,20,25,30

Witch Slayer
– Base Agility increased to 16 from 15
– Base Intelligence increased to 23 from 22

– The gust of wind from Gust now travels 540 total distance (reduced from 640)
– Cyclones now display the time remaining before the next cyclone expires (thanks to Tisser)
– Typhoon damage lowered to 60,80,100 from 60,90,120
– Typhoon no longer spawns max Cyclones instantly. Instead, it spawns one cyclone per second for the duration of the Typhoon.

Some of my thoughts:

Good job for S2 for this great patch. More features = more fun. The front end (log in screen) looks much better. The solo automatic matchmaking is cool. Makes everyone more competitive and get to play with players within their SMRs. This is a really cool feature.

As for the tutorials and hero compendium would be beneficial to the newbies. At least they get to know more as they play the game 🙂 The new player screen will basically let you know what kind of player he is. If he plays support all the time or carry. Makes teamwork a lot easier in pub games.

The new game lobby looks nice. And 12 additional new heroes is a very good news. There are still not enough counters for several heroes. Few stunners etc.

Now the best part is they nerfed Chronos – one of the most imba hero in HoN. They also balanced a couple of heroes. I love the new Legionnaire! He’s more useful now as well as Maliken.

Now I’m gonna shut up and play HoN! LOL enjoy guys! see you online! 🙂


Fallen paladin moved to blogger

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Hi all,

I think it’s really a bad move to just move everything in one day. I just decided to go back to blogger for fallen paladin. But the thing is I got issues with duplicate content since it takes a while for Google to update its database. As such, my new blog can’t be seen by search engines at the moment. I will still continue posting there so that they’ll realize that I just moved my blog there. I can’t use 301 redirects because this is just a free blog. But anyways, I will be posting more articles in Newerth Guide about Heroes of Newerth and maybe rant little things like bugs and if ever some free beta keys! 🙂

Heroes of Newerth Version 0.1.66

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I haven’t updated this blog but here’s the latest changelog:

– Fixed the F6 bug

Version 0.1.66

– Banning Pick
* 3 bans per team, done by captains. Then alternates everyone picking their own heroes out of the remaining choices.
* 60s total extra time is given per team. Time is subtracted from your extra time when the normal countdown has reached 0. If the extra time reaches 0, a random choice is made.

– Attack abilities (Webbed Shot) and attack toggles (Harkon’s Blade) now override attack modifiers (Frostwolf, etc)
– Building invulnerability now provides 9999 Magic Armor as well as the Physical Armor
– When a player buys back, it now uses the following calculation: Cost = 100 + Level * Level * 1.5 + GameTimeInMinutes * 15
– If you make any illusions/images (as with the rune or Geometer’s) while having Steamboots they will no longer have less health
– Kongor has Treewalking naturally now. Kongor is not stopped by trees.
– Certain abilities were hitting runes that should not have
– Couriers will no longer aggro creeps, even when standing still
– Now the new neutrals vary their walk and idles, instead of acting in sync
– Fixed tooltip status effect information sometime being incorrect
– Fix combat type tooltip when multi-selecting units
– Fix so all forms of ‘sheep’ cancel an invibility spell if it’s still in the fade time
– Fix for bottling a powerup twice in a single frame

– Bajillidan spelling corrections +1
– New game tips
– Fix cooldowns on spectator tooltips
– Updated french stringtables, thanks to Magissia
– Credit card purchasing now works ingame if you have not pre-purchased already

– Implemented 2 mods into the game
* Added a button to the top left hero picture that will share a courier with your whole team in a single click. Thread 69704 by Barter
* Clicking the Game Hint box while loading the game will display another random tip. Thread 71071 by Ignorance


– Nullstone loses 5 seconds of cooldown time anytime an ability would be blocked but Nullstone is still in cooldown
– Can now disassemble Hellflower
– Frostwolf now using % based attackspeed slow instead of negative attack speed for stronger scaling late game
– Puzzlebox changed to 2 initial stock with 9 max stock, 10 minute respawn on each charge
– Ring of Sorcery will now only hit units with mana
– Fixed the sound stacking on Plated Greaves

– The following auras can now be toggled on and off
* Mock of Brilliance’s damage aura


– The following auras can now be toggled on and off
* Soul Reaper’s Withering Presence
* Magebane’s Master of the Mantra
* Kraken’s Tidal Pull
* Soulstealer’s Dread
– Tweaks to Maliken, Pharaoh, Magmus, Legionnaire, and Ophelia animations

– Magic Armor reduction lowered to -1,-2,-3,-4 from -2,-3,-4,-5

Blood Hunter
– Blood Crazy is now just an unremovable debuff
– Proportions changed slightly

– Time Leap now also does 50,100,150,200 Magic damage on impact
– Rewind reworked
* When damaged, Chronos has a 10,15,20,25% chance to heal back the damage at a rate of up to 25% of his maximum health per second
– Time Freeze renamed to Curse of Ages
* Steals 1/2/3/4 Agility per hit, debuff lasts 10 seconds. Each debuff is individually timed
* Four consecutive hits on the same target will lock that target in time (stun) for 1 second
* While someone is stunned by Curse of Ages, Chronos can not build charges towards another stun or steal any agility
* Does not stack with Brutalizer
* No longer propagates to illusions
– Chronosphere
* Allies can now move and cast while inside, but everything they do is reduced by 90% speed (MS, AS, CS)
* With Staff of the Master, the slow is reduced from 90% to 80%

Corrupted Disciple
– Fixed Overload so it applies -1 armor on the first impact

– Voice
– Base armor lowered to 1.24 from 4.24
– Int gain lowered to 1.5 from 1.9
– Rotten Grasp range changed to 1300 from 1500
– Slow from throwing a log now decreases linearly
– Fixed a bug when log was purged. It now takes away all the charges on the ability as well
– Trees killed by Clearcutting now have a cool new death
– Fixed an issue with Willowmaker preventing knocked down heroes from standing back up automatically

Demented Shaman
– Attack Range to 550 from 600
– Storm Cloud now applies a charge instantly when used

– Slow from Decay now lasts an additional 2 seconds after someone leaves the area

– Static Grip
* No longer does AOE damage but now deals 20,40,60,80 Magic damage per second to the primary target
* When Static Grip ends on a unit, its idle animations now play instead of it being frozen
– Electric Shield
* Shield now has a 12,24,36,48 Magic DPS 300 aura around the electrician while on
* Requires 20% mana to activate
– Energy Absorption
* Instant cast time
* Now does 85,165,225,300 magic damage and Electrician gains 50 Movespeed as long as he hits something with it
* No longer giving armor or magic armor
* Still gives mana at the same rate
– Cleansing Shock
* Cooldown lowered to 14,12,10
* Deals 600 Magic damage to enemy summoned units
* Cast time lowered to 100ms (from 300)
* Now Staff of the Master compatible. Chains to 2 additional targets
* If the target is a hero, it will only bounce to other heroes of the same faction
* If the target is a non-hero, it will bounce to the closest units (heroes or non-heroes) of the same faction

– Tinker now also passively lowers the base attack time of the Turret by 15,20,25,30%
– Tinker now increases the damage of the Turret correctly

Forsaken Archer
– Base strength lowered to 17 from 18
– Strength growth lowered to 1.7 from 1.9
– Skeletons now have 20 health at all levels
– Skeletons do not propagate to illusions

– Chain count lowered to 0,1,2,3 from 1,2,3,4

– Protective Charm duration set to 5,8,11,14 seconds from 5,10,15,20
– Righteous Strike’s slow duration set to 2,3,4,5 seconds from 5 at all levels

Keeper of the Forest
– If an enemy hero comes within a 300 radius of Keeper’s Eyes, the eye will be made visible to that hero’s team
– Camouflage now plays the spell visual effect on the correct target now when cast on allies
– Root effects now play even if he is stealthed when casting
– Can now turn while immobilized by Root

– Stalk’s slow debuff is now only applied to Madman if he fails to do damage to enemy heroes for the duration. If Stalk is canceled prematurely (via attacking or using an ability), the slow debuff will also not be applied

– Base strength lowered to 16 from 20

– Voice

Night Hound
– Can no longer attack allied units when he stands in his Smoke Bomb
– Can no longer pounce on Couriers

– Grace of the Nymph can now only be cast on ally units with mana

– Manacost of Flick increased to 85 from 65
– Tightened up damage range to 48-57 from 45-60

– Finally fixed him randomly getting stuck in his mummies. Pharaohs rejoice!

Plague Rider
– Cursed Shield will no longer apply the slow to melee heroes who cast spells on whoever has the shield on them
– Cursed Shield cooldown increased to 10 from 5

Pollywog Priest
– Movement speed increased to 290 from 285

– Base strength lowered to 18 from 19
– Agi gain lowered to 1.5 from 1.7
– Int gain increased to 3.1 from 2.9
– AOE of Whiplash lowered to 150 from 200

– Leveling Fervor now also grants all of your abilities and attacks the power to put a burning fire DoT on anyone hit
* Every time you hit someone with a spell or attack them, it refreshes the duration of the DoT and adds a charge. 1,2,3,4 Magic damage per second per charge, 3 second duration

Sand Wraith
– Desert’s Curse’s slow will no longer go through magic immunity
– Lowered the duration of the movespeed and treewalking buff if off of a Desert’s Curse path to 3 seconds (from 4)

– Detonate will now refresh the cooldown when you lay a new eye
– Nullstone will now properly block Marksman Shot

– Catman Leader and Vagabond Leader can no longer be transfigured

– Javelin of Light sound radius lowered so enemies you throw it at won’t hear it unless they are close
– Valkyrie’s Prism cooldown to 120 from 160
– Valkyrie’s Prism manacost to 100,150,200 from 200,250,300

– Mojo Mana cost decreased to 95,105,115,125 from 105,115,125,145
– Mojo cooldown decreased by 4 seconds at all levels

Witch Slayer
– Drain can now only target units that have mana

– Base int lowered to 15 from 19
– Int gain lowered to 1.8 from 1.9
– Leap removed, replaced with Gust
* Manacost is 120 at all levels
* Target a position and click/drag the mouse in a any direction to release the gust of wind from the point you click in the direction the mouse is dragged
* Enemies in the cone are pushed in the direction specified, stunned for 1 second and dealt 75,125,175,250 Magic damage
– Cyclones reworked
* No longer has a cool down
* No longer restores mana
* Manacost removed
* When a cyclone expires naturally, it automatically heals Zephyr for 15 health
* On use, consumes one cyclone instantly, healing for 30 health
* When consuming, automatically consumes the oldest cyclone first
– Wind Shield
* Now a passive and will now apply its buff to Zephyr for 3 seconds after a successful attack
* Chance on both evasion and redirection lowered to 6,9,12,15%
* Grants Zephyr 10% movement speed while active
– Wind Control renamed to Typhoon
* Cool down is now 100 seconds (from 120)
* Mana cost stays the same (100, 150, 200)
* 500 unit cast range
* Grants clearvision and kills trees in a 600 radius of the target location
* Summons a Typhoon at the target location for 6,8,10 seconds
* Typhoon itself has a 60 unit radius in the center and a winds radius of 550 units.
* Slows enemies based on distance from the center (99% slow at the center [100 movespeed], 0% at the outer edge of effect)
* Deals damage based on distance from the center. Up to 60,90,120 Magic damage per second with a linear dropoff. Max damage done if standing in the center.
* When cast, the maximum number of cyclones are spawned around Zephyr (based on the level of Cyclones)

Who says Loda isn’t playing Heroes of Newerth?

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I’ve been hearing some rumours last year that Loda is against Heroes of Newerth. And I was saying something like, “HoN is

loda from sk gaming

pretty much like DotA so I can’t see any reason why he wouldn’t play the game.”

Now, I just confirmed that it was just a rumour. Loda is playing HoN. And!! It looks like we’ll be seeing more from Loda this year as he formed a new team – Team Smackdown. Team Smackdown will firstly attend LANs in Europe before joining International tourneys. The first event they are preparing for is the Multiplay iSeries 39 in April, with £1,000 at stack (£2,500 for 48 teams & £5,000 if 96 teams sign up).

Here’s the Team Smackdown Lineup:
United States Josh “Blastbark” Lee
Sweden Jonathon “Loda” Berg
Sweden Marc “Polisen” Törngren
Sweden Niclas “Niqua” Westergård
Sweden Konrad “kottfaerzoes” Jonasson
Sweden Martin “Mantisc” Holmqvist (Backup)

My thoughts:

Lots of DotA players are playing HoN now so we’ll be expecting more development from S2 games. The game is fun but there are still lots of bugs to fix and imbalanced lineups since there are a few heroes to choose from. I guess this is a big leap since one reputable DotA player would be a great beta tester.

Anyway enough of my thoughts, if you guys want to read more about this story, you can check out button bashers and gosu gamers.

[pic courtesy of fragster.de]

Heroes of Newerth 1.63 changes [leaked]

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I can’t wait to play HoN!!! Here’s a leak of the latest version.


– Added stairs (this is a work in progress, so you are going to see the early version)
– Added ingame loading tips (more to come soon!)
– Added a delay between hero voice responses for move, attack and select sounds. (default 3 seconds)
– Volume tweaks on a lot of heroes and abilities
– Endless sound tweaks to heroes and impacts
– New music track
– A ton of art polish on all of the heroes (Predator Model, Corrupted Disciple Texture, etc)
– Fixed Ranged Super Creep health
– Added a lot (like 12) new LODs for lower end systems
– /gameinfo now returns “Other Options: None” if there are none, previously it just showed “Other Options:”
– Changed the creep gold for supercreeps to 1/2 the gold of normal creeps
– Added a team message when a walking or flying courier is purchased by a team member
– Added a team message indicating when a team member buys back
– Added a new customized Legion/Hellbourne message and alert ping indicating when a melee/ranged barracks is destroyed
– Added a fence to stop ancient creep pulling on the Hellbourne side
– Player disconnects and player timeouts are differentiated
– Tweaked Purge Creep AI so it doesn’t purge creeps anymore, just heroes that are close to it
– Puzzlebox Melee will now return the proper damage on death (200,400,600 True damage)
– Deadwood’s log is now consumed when the throw is blocked by Nullstone
– Fixed Pebbles stun to be 2 seconds instead of 1.75
– Warbeast’s Wolves and Tempest’s Elementals are now Summoned units and will be hurt by Purge effects
– Puzzlebox minions are now tagged as Summoned units
– Arachna’s Spider will no longer spawn if she dies while it is in midair
– Fixed Demented Shaman’s Storm Cloud to properly hilight just heroes in the targetting circle
– Kraken no longer runs in place after charging (but he did look hilarious)
– Fixed Rampage’s order queue being cleared by a Horned Strike
– Added a proper name to the Haste Aura for Puzzlebox Ranged Minion
– Fixed the tooltip for locking someone because it said “star” instead of “icon”
– Fixed the hilarious tooltip bug on Hellbringer (Unholy Shackles was named Unholy Sfles. Lol.)
– Fixed Scout toggling off the ability giving charges to mana battery
– Fixed a typo in Witch Slayer’s story
– Fixed a mana potion typo. No, not the energy drink.
– Fixed Tablet of Command from leaving behind an invisible gadget that can block creep spawns
– Fixed an issue with the Health/Manabar tooltip in the options window
– Fixed a typo with Plague Rider’s tooltip for Extinguish
– Fixed Demented Shaman’s Storm Cloud to properly gain a radius increase with staff of the master
– Fixed Corrupted Disciple’s Electric Tide from not doing damage on the return if killed while it is active
– Fixed Forsaken Archer’s Split Fire so it reduces damage correctly
– Engineer’s Shield will now properly dispell buffs when someone leaves the area
– Added occlude to the following. This stops the effects from playing in fog:
* Andromeda Void Rip
* Behemoth Heavyweight and Enrage
* Chronos Time Leap
* Deadwood Rotten Grasp and Tree Throw
* Defiler Silence
* Demented Shaman Storm Cloud
* Devourer Hook
* Forsaken Archer Volley
* Glacius Tundra Blase and Downpour
* Hellbringer Summon Malphas
* Magmus Lava Surge and Volcanic Touch and Eruption
* Nymphora Pod
* Pestilence Impale
* Plague Rider Plague Carrier
* Torturer Chain Reaction
* Valkyrie Leap
* Vindicator Sage’s Lore
* Voodoo’s Cursed Ground
* War Beast Metamorphisis
* Portal Key
* Kongor death effect

– Some enhancements and tweaks to the low end renderer
– Added a new game option to the interface panel that allows players to toggle displaying timestamps in game chat
– When in the game lobby or hero select screens, pressing shift while entering chat now updates the chat type button to display the opposite chat mode the message will be sent to.
– Added a “No Leavers” icon to the game lobby to indicate if a game is “No Leavers” or not
* Updated /gameinfo to show this information as well.
– Fixed an issue where players were shown a “unable to join due to leave % being too high” and unable to reconnect to games they were previously disconnected from.
– /dnd now blocks incoming messages sent from buddies using the “/buddy message” command.
– /afk and /dnd status is now automatically removed and set to /available when sending a /whisper.
– When switching between /afk and /dnd as long as a message is specified it will now switch or update your status accordingly, instead of removing your status and toggling to /available.
– /roll # now defaults to a roll between 1 and #
– Fixed a bug where the percentage of leaves in the game lobby didn’t match the percentage of leaves in the view stats interface.
– Fixed a crash caused by using the /matchup (/ma) command when in the hero select screen. /matchup is now only available for use during pre-match, active and end game phases.
– Added a /ping command players can use in game to show their current ping.
– Added a “Disconnect” button to the loading screen for cases when a player wishes to exit out before they have finished loading.
– Added a new CMD LocalChat that can be used to display chat messages in game (on the local client only).
* This will be useful for mods that print out information to the screen without having to going through an interface and for those that don’t want to send information to the screen with TeamChat or AllChat (rune spawn or player spawn reminders to name a few).

Spectator fixes:
– creep kill popup
– fixes for popup message and pings
– fix typo in spectator interface
– fix channel and mana upkeep on info selection tooltips
– camera centering and locking for spectators works using both info and control binds (C and V)
– tab cycles heroes in spectator mode
– fix double and triple ability buttons on the spectator interface

– Removed Christmas effects (Except the lights on the Legion tree. Because some people keep those up for a while. You know people like that I’m sure…)


– Aurora debuff duration increased from 15 to 20s

– Spine Burst debuff increased from 10s to 13s
– Armordillo’s Spine Burst damage point reduced from 250 to 200

– Added mushroom cloud explosion for when a 4x multicast goes off
– +2 Base Intelligence
– +0.2 Intelligence Gain

Corrupted Disciple
– Base strength lowered from 21 to 19
– Movespeed lowered by 5
– Corrupted Conduit now grants vision around the target (800 AOE) as long as they stay in range/is draining damage

– Armor reduction from 2,3,4,5 to 1,2,3,4 when in Rotten Grasp
– Very short cast time on Rotten Grasp so an animation plays
– Willowmaker can no longer target the ground

– Fixed bug allowing players to control the spirits of Unholy Expulsion

– Hook range is now the same across all levels (1100)
– Hook now returns to the devourer if he moves (Think Maliken’s Sword)

Forsaken Archer
– Base Agility lowered by 1
– Attack projectile speed slowed down from 1200 to 1050
– DoT from Skeletons lowered to 4/8/12/16
– Piercing Arrows has the damage it does reduced based on the targets it hits. 10% per target in the line

– Ice Imprisonment can now be cast on allies, immobilizing them but reducing all damage they take by 20,40,60,80% for the duration.

– Galvanize cast time removed

– 10,20,30,40% on the health from Life Void
– Boil now ‘chains’ to 1,2,3,4 nearby targets (so 2,3,4,5 total hit by it) and applies the boil to all of them instantly. Numbers stay the same.

– Adds the cast time back on Sol’s Blessing (.5 seconds)

– Decapitate cast point lowered from 330 to 300

– Stalk cooldown +1s at all levels

– Flash cooldown now at 12/10/8/6 (+1 second at levels 2,3,4)

Moon Queen
– +2 Base Strength
– +0.2 Strength Gain

Night Hound
– When in his own Smoke Bomb, the Night Hound is ignored by creeps and towers
– Night Hound cannot attack towers while in his own Smoke Bomb

– Fixed her correctly having effects bones (oops…)
– Increased base strength by 2
– Base damage changed from 38-49 to 45-52
– Cast range of Pod increased to 750
– Nymphora’s Zeal now returns to her as she runs (Think Maliken’s Sword)
– She gains charges for attackspeed/movespeed as Nymphora’s Zeal hits enemies, not on it’s death
– Grace of the Nymph now restores the mana over 4 seconds instead of instantly. Mana return dispels on damage.

– .1 cast time added to cannonball (.3 total). Flight time reduced to compensate.

– Fixed a bug that was causing him to kill people while under the effects of Puppet Show

– Whiplash damage increase lowered to 5/10/15/20%

– Stampede cooldown to 25s (from 40s)
– Favor of Sol cooldown to 60s (from 75s)

Sand Wraith
– Dissipate damage changed to Magic damage (from True)

– Attack Range increased by 50
– Anyone under the effects of the Toxicity have health regen disabled (40,60,80,100% health regen reduction)
* Runes of the Blight changed to “healing” so that the Toxicity does not disable them
– Poison Spray increased cast and effect range by 200, radius stays the same
– Toxin Wards can now be laid in a ‘burst’ style with a long cooldown. (Think Panda’s Flurry but with laying 3 wards in a short time)
– Wards now have collision and slow poison (10%) again
– Poison Burst is now un-removable

– Soul Burst debuff increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds

– Reduced Blade Frenzy cooldown from 30 to 30/28/26/24
– Swiftblade is no longer disarmed while spinning at level 4 of Blade Frenzy
* This includes attacking anything like heroes and units while spinning
– Blade Frenzy now dispels all debuffs on start

– Attack animation impact point from 633 to 500

– Movement speed increased by 5
– Agonizing Bonds now pulls anyone hit by the chains towards the target of the chains, even while the target moves

– +1 base armor

Wretched Hag
– Sonar Scream now hits invisible units and units in the fog


Barbed Armor
– Cooldown increased to 20 seconds (from 15)
– Damage returned lowered to 80% (from 100%)

Courier (Flying)
– Bounty increased to 300

– Rebalanced and takes the +10 agi item and the +6 str item
* 15 agi
* 6 strength
* 10% ms
* 15 as
* 950 recipe
* 2400 total

– Stats rebalance
* 21 str
* 21 agi
* 10 damage
* 14% ms
* 25 AS
* Slow changed to 15%, down from 20% (slow now lasts 2.5 seconds, down from 3)

– Same components but 200 recipe cost, 5900 total
– The slow lasts 3 seconds and is applied on both single target spellcast and attack

Harkons Blade
– Manacost per attack reduced to 50 from 100
– Recipe cost lowered from 725 to 500

Helm of the Black Legion
– Block value when on a ranged hero reduced to 20
* Brings this item in line with the other two deflection items

– Rebalance and takes the +10 str item and +6 agi item
* 15 str
* 6 agi
* 10 damage
* frost (15%, 1.5 second duration)
* 950 recipe
* 2400 total

Geometers Bane
– Loses 5 int
– Recipe cost lowered by 200

Mana Battery
– Health returned per charge lowered to 12, from 15. Mana returned stays the same

Ghost Marchers
– Casting a spell or using an item no longer dispels the Phased effect
– Phased buff improved to 12% (from 10%)

Power Supply
– Recipe cost increased by 100

– Recipe cost increased by 100

Restoration stone
– Now refreshes all items except other Restoration Stones and Shrunked Head

At least now Defiler’s spirits of Unholy Expulsion cannot be controlled. This bug is so imba. You can instantly kill a hero without getting noticed..lol

HoN holiday registration is now open

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Finally! HoN holiday registration is now open.Per Heroes of Newerth Facebook:

HoN holiday registration

So yeah. Just go to that URL and sign up. It’s that easy! Hurry coz there’s a time limit. At the moment there’s only 71 hours and 30 minutes remaining.

This is a very early Christmas present for those who don’t have accounts yet. Don’t forget to say thanks to Marc DeForest and the rest of S2 games development team. lol

Here’s a snapshot of the holiday registration page:

free hon account page

Heroes of Newerth Beta Key Registration in Facebook

•December 21, 2009 • 9 Comments

I already posted this in fallen paladin but I feel that people should see this especially people who don’t have Facebook accounts yet but wants to play Heroes of Newerth. Just a bit of FYI, S2 games is using Facebook to promote Heroes of Newerth. I think it’s a nice choice since Facebook is the number one Social Networking site at the moment. They also have a twitter account that tweets about the latest news on Hon.  I will add those links in this blog soon.

Anyway, here’s the update in Heroes of Newerth Facebook.

24 hours of open beta registration coming this week. We will update all our fans with the special URL to get into the HoN beta. Keep your eyes peeled and you can be part of the HoN craze soon enough! 🙂